At Green Precision we offer a range of machining services supported by the latest CAD/CAM software. We can accept 2D drawings and 3D models in various formats, making this a fast and cost effective process for the customer.

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CNC Milling

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide highly precision engineered components, using our multi-axis machinery.

5-Axis Machining

Our brand new 5 Axis machine, with multi-pallet technology, is capable of producing components to extremely high standards, with competitive lead times. Take a look at our 5 Axis Machining page to find out more.


We can design components using our 3D Modelling software, or tweak the existing 3D model provided by the customer.

Reverse Engineering

Made easy with our highly accurate measuring equipment and our CAD/CAM, duplicating a component and alterations to the design can be made if required.


Once the manufacturing process is completed the components can then be inspected using our highly accurate measuring equipment including our Renishaw innovative probing system.

3D Printing

We also offer 3D printing services (additive manufacture). You can find out more about this on our 3D printing page.

Sub-con Finishes & Heat Treatments

We are able to use our extensive third party network to offer our customers various methods of plating, finishes or heat treatment for most types of material.


Mechanical assemblies of components, both machined and procured is available on request.

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